Tiny Magnetic Pets are Paula Gilmer, Sean Quinn & Eugene Somers. From Dublin and named after the collectable Japanese toys…..TMP are on the rise having just completed 20 very successful UK tour dates as the opening act for Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark.

Sharing a fascination for classic albums of the late 70’s / early 80’s such as Bowie’s “Berlin Trilogy”, Gary Numan’s “Pleasure Principle” & Kraftwerk’s “Computer World” the band recorded their debut album ‘Return Of The Tiny Magnetic Pets’ working within the limitations of 70’s studio technology. No computers were used – just two Moogs, a Mellotron, Vox organ & guitars. The end result is an impressive blend of melodic invention & musicianship – all instruments & vocals were performed live.





“It’s The Velvet Underground meets Laurie Anderson but it all leads back to Kraftwerk”
Boy George 


“I love the whole album but there were tracks that blew me away – so beautifully crafted, so emotional,  such clever writing with perfect emotion so we offered them the whole UK tour…”
Andy Mc Cluskey (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark)


“Working with Tiny Magnetic Pets was great fun for me. I like the Irish band very much, we are friends. Paula Gilmer’s voice reminds me of a young Debbie Harry. Wonderful music, I can only recommend: turn your radio on!”
Wolfgang Flur (ex Kraftwerk)


“Tiny Magnetic Pets are truly amongst the finest electronic bands to have emerged over recent years. Their new album emphasises their deserved respect in this field. Brilliant combinations of retro synth sounds with great songs and production and the female vocals compliment their sound impeccably. Also a cameo performance from the legendary Kraftwerk musician Wolfgang Flur obviously endorses the respect that he has for them. I get a fair amount of requests to write and produce for bands and certainly if I was asked, the Pets would be top of the list.”
Chris Payne (Gary Numan)